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Big Hairy Audacious Goals are a BEAUTIFUL thing!!

Do you know why?

They are beautiful because they can only happen through a series of miracles.

And those miracles open a discussion about God's Love and Promises!


Growing Green's Ecopark and Recyclean Facility are both BHAGs. 


And just as only God can, He sent us a friend in the The Billion Dollar BHAG Movement which will help us reach our financial goals for project completion!!

-Thank you God!! (From All of us!!)

BD BHAG Movement

This movement embraces the idea that Churches and Nonprofit Organizations and Small Businesses are doing amazing things in this world! 

And they could use a little help!!

So . . . Let's find them some CASH!!  

Seeds of Hope!

 The events of 2020 and 2021 were extremely hard on Churches, Nonprofits, and Businesses.  (On everyone!)


The BD BHAG Movement is helping Growing Green to help Small Businesses as well as Churches and Nonprofits.

When Businesses work with The BD BHAG Movement, a seed of hope is planted!! 

The Business gets Cash back and can then make a tax deductible donation to Growing Green.  

Find out how much Cash your organization can get back?

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