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UnderGround Green

You've heard of Black Ops Projects . . .

Well, we're forming a Green Ops Project!

People in this world are inventing/creating/building exciting new technologies every day!  And they face some major challenges.  (Funding is usually one of the biggest.)  


So we thought, how can we help? 


We're searching for technologies that have been developed in garages, backyards, home offices, or generally anywhere you are making a positive difference.  


We're not able to fund prototype development . . . and we hear your collective groan at this stage.  Because prototype development is where most ideas die without funding. 


We're hoping to grow this Program so that we will be able to offer help funding your wonderful prototype builds in the future, but we're still Growing too, and not quite there yet. 


But if you have an operational prototype, and don't mind sharing it with us (and believe us, we understand the concern that comes in at this stage as well), we'd like to learn about your technology and see if we can lend a helping hand in getting it commercialized, by purchasing it for use in our Ecopark!!   


So come find us, you inventors, you visionaries, you wonderful world-changing individuals!!  (And we'll be looking for you as well!!)


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