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Recycling is currently viewed as a one-size-fits all category.  Meaning, anything recyclable goes into a bin to be sorted later at a recycling facility.  But the waste that this produces by contaminating mixed materials leaves recycling centers with limited uses for the items they receive. 

Below are great articles describing the problems with the current recycling industry and the above thinking.

Growing Green is currently working to create a Recycling Center that promotes a cleaner, more efficient, and a far more beneficial recycling system for residents.

Images courtesy of MD Architects and Heapy

Recyclean Facility

The Recyclean Center will be the first facility in the EcoPark.  (It was lovingly named Recyclean as a play on the words "Recycling" and "Clean".)

We will accept recyclable materials including plastic, cans, paper, and glass. 

We've created an Incentive Plan that will benefit both Residential as well as Commercial recycling needs and we're excited for the opportunity to redefine recycling techniques and strategies!

After all, if you buy a bottle of water and drink the water, you still own the bottle.  And that bottle has value.

By incentivizing recycling, we will complete a social experiment that shows that we will not only increase the recycling quantity in our area, but also the quality.  The incentive program will benefit individuals and businesses as well as promote cleaner end products for US Reprocessing Facilities.

The Recyclean Facility will utilize recycled building materials wherever possible in its construction.

And with a name like Growing Green, of course we'll have a two story Greenhouse Entrance that will be made from Solar Glass in order to help us further offset our energy needs and reduce our Carbon Footprint! 


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