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From a Tiny Seed, Great Things Grow

A glimpse into the Growth of the Growing Green Non-Profit

By: Amanda Finney

You may already be familiar with Growing Green, and our mission to create mutually beneficial and attainable environmental conservation and social sustainability. Some of the many ways we are working to achieve these worthwhile endeavors include the vision to build an Ecopark and a Recyclean facility! Before we further dive into those exciting initiatives, lets briefly explore our humble beginnings. Establishing Roots Growing Green as a non-profit began from a spark of passion to create a greener world while positively impacting communities. In December of 2018, the non-profit’s “Recyclean” vision established it roots as a thriving project and has been growing ever since.

The Recyclean Program is a two-phase program that continues to expand while working with community members and stakeholders to grow. Growing Green has developed expansion plans for environmentally sustainable EcoParks, and future Material Recovery Facilities. What Is Good for the Environment, Is Good for Business The Martinsville Green Energy EcoPark space is a two-phase green energy initiative with approximately 114 acres that offers development opportunities for businesses desirable visibility and access to Interstate 69. This prime location offers companies the advantage of green technologies, including: solar panels, solar glass, geothermal and wind units. Growing Green will incorporate the necessary green energies to help those businesses offset utility costs.

(3D rendering of EcoPark) Currently, we are working diligently to complete an environmental study and survey of this area which represents 29 acres of wetland rehabilitation zones and 47 acres of preserved forest. By enabling this area with green technologies, we can ensure this natural landscape will remain vibrant, while providing a healthy, needed space for economic growth. Our goal is to create a minimum of 400 new jobs at this site by working with nationwide business developers to achieve this growth! Community Green Space The green energy-efficient EcoPark will also contain many benefits to the community. With walking paths, hiking trails, areas for play, and nature preserves there’s something for everyone in this abundantly lush space. Our goal is to use this area to support businesses, education and recreation for community citizens and tourists.

(High overview rendering of EcoPark) Quality and Quantity Matters Phase two of the EcoPark will include the creation of a Material Recovery Facility (MRF). The purpose of this facility is to collect between 7,500 – 15,000 tons of recycled material (including consumer plastics, glass, paper and aluminum) from both voluntary commercial and residential locations in Morgan County.

(3D rendering of Recyclean Facility) Our “Recyclean” program goal is to increase both the quantity and quality of recycled materials to reduce landfill waste and increase repurposing of materials. “Clean recycling” refers to “like” materials kept with “like” materials. Hint - that’s how we dubbed our program name – Recy-Clean!

Our goal will be to educate citizens on clean recycling practices. We know this will increase the recycling percentage exponentially here in Morgan county.

How YOU Can Help and Save Money! As a non-profit, Growing Green will be able to incentivize businesses and community members by sharing proceeds collected at the facility. An app is planned for the near future that will allow users to track their recycling progress and earnings. More to come on this exciting initiative but we cannot wait to GROW with you! Join us! Whether you’re a company or resident we encourage you to visit the Growing Green website. Our community and business support has enabled us to make great strides in this project. We are so thankful for our partners. Be sure to check out our 3D renderings of the future EcoPark and Recyclean Facility!

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